Monthly (Friday) Candlelight ‘Tune in and Chillout’

1 March - Monthly Candlelight ‘Tune in and Chillout’ (fully booked)

12 April - Monthly Candlelight ‘Tune in and Chillout’

10 May - Monthly Candlelight ‘Tune in and Chillout’


End your week and begin your weekend by letting go of whatever it is that may be holding you back with a reflective gentle pranayama and restorative practice followed by yoga nidra (yogic sleep). You will be lead through gentle restorative postures, pranayama (breathing) practices and meditation followed by a long yoga nidra (deep relaxation). You do not have to have practiced yoga to benefit from this class. You will learn to relax your mind and body, improve your breathing and be guided through a yoga nidra to help you feel restored and enhance your sleep.

The studio is fully equipped but should you wish to bring along a along a blanket and pillow please do, eye pillows provided should you wish to use. Be prepared for a good night's sleep following the deep relaxation. Many people forget or don't know how to relax their nervous system, relaxing in a conscious way is very different from sleeping, watching TV, reading a book. Many people spend their lives rushing around and their bodies are in a state of 'fight or flight' mode much of the time, which can elevate the stress hormone 'cortisol'. In this session we aim to reduce high levels of cortisol and let the Parasympathetic Nervous system to do it's job of maintaining 'Homeostasis' and relaxing your body/nervous system.

Time: 19:00-20:30

Price £9

Payable in advance and non refundable. Limited Spaces. These sessions are very popular and I usually have a wait list. Book early.

Level Suitable for all levels and no previous yoga practice necessary.

Monthly (Thursday)  'Yin and Restorative Yoga with Myofascial Release'

28 March

This class is a very nurturing practice and focuses on restorative and yin postures where you will stay in passive poses for approx 5 minutes to allow for deep gradual release of the connective tissue.

Postures are supported using various props e.g. bolsters, blocks, straps, ball. This gives time and space for reflection, contemplation and cultivates receptivity while being deeply calming and rejuvenating.

We will use breath practices (pranayama) to soothe our nervous systems and channel our energy where it is needed. With lots of seated and lying poses held for longer periods of time which will encourage you to melt and release any tension you may be holding onto. This is a deeply nourishing, revitalising and restful practice.

During the practice we will focus on releasing muscular tension by using appropriate props and the ‘Yumuna’ ball to release our connective tissue and fascia. This class compliments a Yang yoga practice and is suitable for those who may have injuries or health conditions and those who prefer a slower paced practice. But also good for those who are always rushing around and lead busy lives – this class will make you slow down (for a little while). The class includes breathing practices, meditation and relaxation and the postures themselves are very relaxing.

The studio is fully equipped but should you wish to bring along a along a blanket and pillow please do, eye pillows provided should you wish to use. Many people spend their lives rushing around and their bodies are in a state of 'fight or flight' mode much of the time, which can elevate the stress hormone 'cortisol'. In this session we aim to reduce high levels of cortisol and let the Parasympathetic Nervous system to do it's job of maintaining 'Homeostasis' and relaxing your body/nervous system.

This is a monthly Thursday evening class, suitable for all levels. Places are limited. The price per session/class is £9 payable in advance and non refundable unless 5 working days notice is given by telephone.

Time: 19:00-20:30
Price: £9

Monthly (Thursday) 'Hot Yoga Vinyasa Flow'

14 march
25 April
16 may

This is a class for those who want to move their bodies, to deepen their practice of yoga and challenge their bodies and minds and explore and play with the asanas that we sometimes struggle with or avoid. We will focus on overall body strength, core strength, balance, a mindful practice synchronising breath and movement. This is not a class focused on 'ego' and striving to achieve. This class is about learning techniques to deepen the asanas while practicing the ancient yamas and niyamas. This is a ‘hot’ yoga class so be prepared, we will be stoking our inner fire (agni).

Yoga mats and props provided at the studio but please bring along your own mat if you have one and a towel. The studio is fully equipped and has underfloor heating which means it can get very warm (and the underfloor heating will be turned up for this class). Sessions must be pre-booked and paid for in advance where possible please as there are just 14 spaces. While the class is open to all it is not suitable for beginners. Modifications will be given as always and we will focus on exploring the postures safely.

Time: 19:00-20:30
Price: £10
Payable in advance. Non refundable unless 5 working days are given by phone please.


weekly classes

Tuesday-  Good Morning World - Hatha Yoga Class

12 March (no class)
19 March (new 4 week block)
26 march
2 April
9 April
16 April (no Class)
23 April (new 4 week block)
30 april
7 May
14 May

The class is a Hatha yoga practice followed by yin and restorative postures. A number of yoga props are used to enable the postures to be very supportive and comfortable allowing you to truly let go and deepen the postures.  The class includes, postures, guided pranayama practice, meditation and relaxation.

Time: 10:15-11:30
Price: £8.50 per class or block booking (4 weeks) £30


Tuesday- Bhuti Flow & Restore

5 March (new 4 week block)
12 march
19 march
26 march
2 april (new 4 week block)
9 april
16 April (no Class)
23 April
30 april
7 May (new 4 week block)
14 May
21 May

This is a slow vinyasa flow class which focuses on yoga asanas (postures), pranayama pranayama (breathing practices), and helps to bring balance to the body and overall health and wellbeing. This class will help you to increase your flexibility and strength improve your balance and posture. Meditation, guided imagery and relaxation will be incorporated to support deep relaxation and help you feel deeply relaxed. Basic, intermediate and more advanced variations of the asanas will be provided with a focus on proper breathing and safe alignment. Whether a novice or seasoned yogi/yogini you will leave this class feeling the inherent balance, both recharged and relaxed. All of my classes focus on safety and alignment and I provide modifications ensuring you, the student are safe and feel included. As with all of my classes we work with different themes and the seasons. Those who block book have priority and will be guaranteed a space. If drop in check in advance to ensure a space is available.

Time: 19:00-20:30
Price: £9 per class or block booking (4 weeks) £32

Yoga Mini Retreats

6 April - Hips Don't Lie

In the April workshop we will focus on finding the correct alignment to enable us to delve deep into our hips. Postures focusing on the lower body and specifically focusing on releasing the muscles and fascia that cross the joints and can restrict our movement. "Katy Bowman says, “your body adapts to what you do most frequently”. And the one body position that we as a culture tend to assume most frequently is sitting with our hips and knees flexed at 90 degrees. You may not think you sit a lot, or you may have a job which requires you to stand but you are forgetting all the other time you do spend sitting because it’s so ingrained in your daily lifestyle that you just don't realise it.
In our over-use of sitting it familiarises our brain with a position of shortened hip flexors (the muscles that cross the front of our hips) and hamstrings (the muscles that line the back of our thighs), as well as effectively “turns off” our otherwise powerful glutes, and basically just throws our whole hip area out of balance. The result is unhappy, "tight" hips.
What Does “Opening the Hips” Mean?
There are a total of 22 muscles that cross the hip on all sides and at varying angles, including your hip flexors in the front, your hamstrings, glutes, and deep lateral rotators in the back, your inner thigh muscles (collectively called your “adductors”), and your outer thigh muscles (collectively called your “abductors”).
A “hip-opener” is technically any stretch that lengthens any of the 22 muscles that cross the hip. This means, for example, that all hamstring stretches are hip openers, all inner thigh stretches (think baddha konasana/butterfly) are hip-openers, all standing poses (warriors, lunges, etc.) are hip-openers, many of yoga’s twists are hip-openers, and as counterintuitive as it may seem, all backbends are also hip-openers. Our whole yoga practice is basically just one big hip-opening opportunity.
However, most yogis are very (very!) good at compromising the work we need to do in order to stretch our hips in our poses. This is because we simply don’t understand how to position our joints (a.k.a. alignment) in a way that actually stretches our hips, and we end up leaving our mat without much change in our tight hips at all.” - Jenni Rawlings (Yoga Teacher).
In this workshop we will educate our bodies to find the correct alignment to release those ‘tight’ areas. There will be Yang postures and Yin postures to allow our bodies to access those deep layers of connective tissue and fascia.
When the Yin and Yang energies of the body are balanced we feel grounded. A balance of effort and ease, action and surrender. If we create space in our busy lives to nourish ourselves we can, in time with yoga, meditation, relaxation and mindfulness find that ‘quiet time' and nourish ourselves. Email Yogibabs(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) to book your place.

Time: 10:00-13:00
Price: £25
Payable in advance non refundable. Limited Spaces.
Shared Lunch (Veggie/Vegan)


18 May - Mini Retreat


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