Mini Yoga Retreat – Hips Don’t Lie

April 6, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
The Bhuti Yoga Retreat Studio
Nether Langleys
Mini Yoga Retreat - Hips Don't Lie @ The Bhuti Yoga Retreat Studio

6 April – Hips Don’t Lie

In the April workshop we will focus on finding the correct alignment to enable us to delve deep into our hips. Postures focusing on the lower body and specifically focusing on releasing the muscles and fascia that cross the joints and can restrict our movement. “Katy Bowman (biomechanics teacher) says, “your body adapts to what you do most frequently”. And the one body position that we as a culture tend to assume most frequently is sitting with our hips and knees flexed at 90 degrees. You may not think you sit a lot, or you may have a job which requires you to stand but you are forgetting all the other time you do spend sitting because it’s so ingrained in your daily lifestyle.
In our over-use of sitting it familiarises our brain with a position of shortened hip flexors (the muscles that cross the front of our hips) and hamstrings (the muscles that line the back of our thighs), as well as effectively “turns off” our otherwise powerful glutes, and basically just throws our whole hip area out of balance. The result is unhappy, “tight” hips.
What Does “Opening the Hips” Mean?
There are a total of 22 muscles that cross the hip on all sides and at varying angles, including your hip flexors in the front, your hamstrings, glutes, and deep lateral rotators in the back, your inner thigh muscles (collectively called your “adductors”), and your outer thigh muscles (collectively called your “abductors”).
A “hip-opener” is technically any stretch that lengthens any of the 22 muscles that cross the hip. This means, for example, that all hamstring stretches are hip openers, all inner thigh stretches (think baddha konasana/butterfly) are hip-openers, all standing poses (warriors, lunges, etc.) are hip-openers, many of yoga’s twists are hip-openers, and as counterintuitive as it may seem, all backbends are also hip-openers. Our whole yoga practice is basically just one big hip-opening opportunity.
However, most yogis are very (very!) good at compromising the work we need to do in order to stretch our hips in our poses. This is because we simply don’t understand how to position our joints (a.k.a. alignment) in a way that actually stretches our hips, and we end up leaving our mat without much change in our tight hips at all.” – Jenni Rawlings (Yoga Teacher).
In this workshop we will educate our bodies to find the correct alignment to release those ‘tight’ areas. There will be Yang postures and Yin postures to allow our bodies to access those deep layers of connective tissue and fascia. The event this month will be a little more workshop focused as we focus on deep hip stretches and openers. Too much sitting can shorten the hip flexors, which can limit our range of motion and can contribute to lower back pain and poor posture. According to the tenets of yoga, tight hips can also affect your mind and emotional state. The hips are believed to be the holding place for negative emotions such as fear, sadness, worry etc. During this session we will delve deeply into those areas that hold ‘tension’ and tightness, we will warm up and loosen our joints and work on mobility and lengthening the psoas muscles (don’t worry if this you don’t know where these muscles are located all will be explained). We will practice yang postures and finish by using the yin postures to release and relax the psoas muscles and other areas in our bodies that hold ‘tension’. The class includes breathwork to release and use our diaphragm correctly to release old patterns and encourage new patterns. The class finishes at 1.00pm followed by a shared lunch in the studio. To book please email yogibabs(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
When the Yin and Yang energies of the body are balanced we feel grounded. A balance of effort and ease, action and surrender. If we create space in our busy lives to nourish ourselves we can, in time with yoga, meditation, relaxation and mindfulness find that ‘quiet time’ and nourish ourselves.
Time: 10:00-13:00 Price: £25 Payable in advance non refundable. Limited Spaces. Please feel free but not obliged to bring a contribution to a shared Lunch (Veggie/Vegan).